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MACURH Standards

Purpose of the Standards

Creating opportunities to explore individual passions while instilling the values of community engagement and social responsibility.


MACURH believes in the value of learning about our strengths and challenges, defining who we are as leaders, and using our strengths and challenges effectively to best serve others. We are constantly challenging ourselves to develop new leadership abilities.

Each member will:

  • Recognize personal abilities and embrace diverse leadership style

  • Understand how to apply leadership skills in group settings

  • Recognize interpersonal conflict and strategies for resolving it

  • Be able to cultivate leadership skills in others

  • Working with others and learning to collaborate as a team


MACURH values growth by providing personal and professional opportunities to challenge one's self in a variety of ways.

Each member will: 

  • Push limits and stretch boundaries of personal and professional leadership potential

  • Recognize success and failures of the organization; take part in bettering the organization

  • Give and receive constructive criticism and feedback, both positive and negative

  • Apply experiences and take on the perspectives of others to improve decision making, development, and implementation on a personal and professional level


MACURH firmly values education, not only in the progression of your education, but in learning about diversity, inclusion, and leadership. This education aspect is offered by preserving the culture and individualism of our members.

Each member will:

  • Have an appreciation and acceptance of people from varying backgrounds

  • Be able to find harmony between curricular and extracurricular learning

  • Understand the value of being a lifelong learner

  • Be able to serve as an advocate for diversity 


MACURH values where we have been and where we are going; we believe in respecting old traditions and helping your institution create new, meaningful practices.

Each member will:

  • Evaluate previous practices, both strengths and areas of improvement, to shape current and future plans

  • Recognize and appreciate the history of MACURH and communities you serve in

  • Bringing regional experience and knowledge back to their institution

  • Create new and lasting traditions aligning with the culture of their organization

  • Value the importance of current traditions and new sustainable practices for MACURH and the communities you serve in


MACURH strives to create an environment where all are welcome and our members are an active part of the bigger picture. We are one family, we are MACURH.

Each member will:

  • Develop methods of forming meaningful and supportive relationships with others

  • Become comfortable with being vulnerable and accepting or offering support when needed

  • Feel connected to and respected by the members of their organizations, including MACURH as a whole

  • Learn to make intentional and positive contributions towards the goals and vision of their communities

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