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Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends and Alumni Related to MACURH, or FARM, shall be to unite, engage, and learn from the alumni and friends of MACURH. FARM is the embodiment of our organization’s belief that the leaders and traditions of the past always bring forth new ideas we can learn from.

About the FARM

The FARM was created in order to not only recognize, but to re-engage alumni and friends of MACURH. Through this organization, MACURH hopes to draw on our standards in order to reunite our alumni with our current student leaders. Our region understands that we will grow stronger if we learn from those who have come before us and the FARM is our attempt to encourage former student leaders to bring that knowledge back.

The FARM is Open to All

MACURH is an organization that is welcoming of all students living in the residence halls and the FARM is just as inclusive. We realize that there are more people in the Midwest and throughout the world who have been affected by MACURH but have never had a chance to go to one of our conferences.


One of the intentions of the FARM is to truly expand our family to every residence hall student within our region. In order to make this goal a reality, we are inviting anyone who has attended a MACURH conference, as well anyone who has served their residence hall community for two or more years. This service can come in any number of forms, including being a member of hall government (RHA, ARH, IRHG, etc.), being a student staff member, serving as a faculty or staff member, or any other significant involvements.

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