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Preparing for the MACURH Regional Leadership Conference



Attending a MACURH Regional Leadership Conference is a great opportunity for student leaders to learn more about themselves and others while sharing in the excitement of leadership and camaraderie that comes with these high-impact weekends. To get the most out of a conference, delegates need to know what to expect at the conference, and MACURH has many resources that can help students to better prepare for an awesome RLC experience. These documents are conveniently located within the Advisor Resource Folder here.


  • Resources for Delegates

    • A Quick Guide to MACURH – Learn more about the Region and the values that drive our work – the MACURH Standards.

    • Conference Comparison – Learn the differences between a MACURH Regional Leadership Conference and a Regional Business Conference.

    • Regional Cheers – MACURH conferences are often filled with lots of cheering. Check out the document that lists many of the cheers. You can also find videos of several of the cheers being performed here.


Each delegation is different and will require unique preparation for the conference. Advisors play an important role in helping students to be successful during a conference weekend, but it’s also important for student leaders to take the lead in educating their peers from a personal perspective. In MACURH, we call the collective group of an institutions NCC, RHA President, and NRHH Representative the “Moo Crew.” If you’re helping a new Moo Crew member get their footing in MACURH, check out these resources that can get you started with educating them about MACURH conferences.


  • Resources for Moo Crew Members

    • Moo Crew Quick Guide – An introduction to serving as a voting member of MACURH.

    • Delegation Meetings/Checklist – Details how to host a delegation meeting to prepare delegates for a MACURH Regional Leadership Conference.


Regardless of your delegation’s size, RHA experience, or previous exposure to MACURH, the students who make up your group will benefit from some intentional preparation prior to the conference. Take time to hold meetings, discuss what they want to get out of the conference, and help them to set goals for conference attendance and involvement. A little preparation now can make the RLC experience more meaningful in November.


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