May 7, 2018

Let’s play the logo game-








I bet you didn’t have to second guess about most of those logos, right? Why is that? It’s probably because you see those most often and they become recognizable to you, engrained on your brain. When you see the “golden arches” coming up on a sign on the side of the road, you know that a McDonald’s is on the horizon. So, why wouldn’t we want to create that brand identity around our NRHH chapters?


Our institutions have a brand that when your students see it, they are filled with pride. Let’s try to create that with chapters! Let’s create something that we can stick on EVERY SINGLE THING we do to create the same pride in our housing organizations. Branding is huge. It’s like having a stamp kit like when we were little and using it everywhere. It helps people start noticing you and it helps prove that you are an organization that is to be taken seriously.


But not everyone has a marketing or design person in their office. I totally get that! But, I would guess that you might have an academic department on campus that focuses on digital design medias? I would also probably assume that they have projects that they need to give their students? So, why not reach out to a professor and just ask a question and see if you could do that with them? Or better yet, maybe you have a student staff member who enjoys designing things and could make you one? Don’t limit yourself because you don’t have someone in your office at your disposal.


I’m going to say it once again, STRATEGIC PLAN! Having an institutional brand is a part of the NACURH NRHH strategic plan. Ever since designing my institutions logo, it has helped us become more recognized on our campus. We have been able to slap it on every promo, every certificate, every general mailer. People on the Pitt State campus now recognize it and are able to recall what NRHH stands for. It’s been terrific!  

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