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July 27, 2017

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Been there, done that!

January 27, 2018


I know for myself, there are several times during the year that I am wanting more out of my position on my campus. Wanting more areas to grow professionally in and utilize the skills that I have. I think in our field, there are certain times of the year where we might want more to do. Or the fact might be that your department cannot afford professional development on a large scale. Well, you’re in luck!


NACURH and MACURH often have opportunities for students and advisors to become involved in task forces or committees throughout the year. What’s better than utilizing the knowledge and skills you have to help progress the largest student run organization? What is stopping you from throwing your name into the hat when you see those emails come across your desk?


When I first started, I did not know that advisors were able to serve on such committees but after I asked and discovered I could, I jumped on that opportunity and have been blessed ever since! Being able to serve on such tasks that help put plans into action, give an opinion or gain perspective on an area, allows for personal and professional growth.


Often times, you are serving with different student leaders from throughout the region or even the nation. More importantly, you are learning from those student leaders. Learning from their experience, learning about their institutions, learning about the leaders of today and what motivates them. How is this not an experience that you want as an advisor? As someone that is supposed to be encouraging healthy growth to student leaders?


So the next time that an email comes across your computer seeking task force or committee members, what is stopping you?  





Now, let’s talk about another way to get involved on a regional or national level. Advisor. Resource. Training. ART.


It would be advantageous of me to not promote ART as a way to get involved in the region. ART was created to give advisors growing opportunities at conferences and then to have advisors bring that knowledge back to their campuses. The 3 levels, 29 different sessions and experiential credits, is to help encourage what we hope our students are always doing, learning. Learning and implementing best practices into your advisor arsenal. ART isn’t the end all, be all, of advisor development but it is a good start. I hope that you find advisors attending these sessions because they want to perfect the craft of advising and wanting to learn from others.


If you have been advising for one year to 20 or more years, ART helps refresh concepts that you might have become stuck in or teach you different techniques in advising your student leaders, specifically related to residence halls. ART is advisors training advisors, so that means you are learning from someone that has been in your seat and knows the ups and downs of advising.


ART is a great way to get involved because it allows you to meet other advisors while learning. ART sessions will always be offered at conferences as long as there is someone there that is trained to present them. So, go to every ART session that you can and become ART “certified” to be able to give the knowledge you have to other advisors in our region.



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