September 26, 2017



I guess the first question to ask is why? Why should an institution of higher education affiliate through NACURH? What opportunities does affiliation offer to your institution? This is what NACURH will say about “Why affiliate with NACURH”:

  • Member pricing at regional and national conferences

  • Voting and having official representation in the organization

  • Networking with fellow institutions, RHA and NRHH Chapters

  • Access to roundtables and training resources

  • Perusing the NACURH Connection RFI submissions for ideas on enhancing residential life on your campus

  • Being able to submit and win award bids for the great work you do

  • Access to the benefits of all NACURH corporate sponsorships

  • Access to all NACURH newsletters

  • Access to NACURH OTM Submissions and recognition


Other reasons to affiliate, you know, those nontangible things that we get to see our students experience and grow through? Like watching our shy and self-reserved student be able to take a stance during board room, or seeing the excitement and drive after they leave a presentation at a regional or national conference, or the sheer comradery that occurs through being around student leaders. It is always encouraging to watch how our students have grown after returning from a conference. This is something that most likely cannot be mimicked on a campus level.


So, how to affiliate? What are the pieces?


No matter if you are only affiliating an NRHH chapter, the first step is to write a “Resource File Index” or RFI. This is a document that helps provide context to what your campus housing organizations do to impact the on-campus community. It gets submitted onto the national database for others to be able to reference if they are looking to do something similar. The next step is the census questions for your RHA or NRHH. These help give information on to what your housing organization’s do and you could use it as a tool to progress your organization.


For those affiliating an NRHH, a constitution is also a part of the process. This year, there are two possible tracks for constitutions. Your institution could institute the new membership policies or they could choose to enact those next fall. For the checklists to make sure that you are meeting national requirements, click here!


Affiliating is a process and should be started early, especially the constitution aspect as often times these have to get passed through several general body meetings before they can be your chapters “official” constitution.


Who does the affiliation process?


This could be different for every institution, but it typically is your institutions National Communications Coordinator (NCC). The writing of the RFI can be several individuals, but the process should go through your NCC. For the NRHH portion, the institutions designated NRHH representative will receive an email on submitting the constitution, census questions, and a membership list. This process should be student centered and student driven. As an advisor, you should be there to help and motivate the students, but should not do the work for the students.


The affiliation process is not typically a fun one, but one that brings so much reward from the efforts put into it. The payouts the comes from going to a conference, participating in chats, and getting opportunities to serve on a regional and national level, is like none other. The first step to getting to do this, is being an affiliated chapter.


If you have any questions during the affiliation process, please do not hesitate to reach out to:

                  Scott Lunde, MACURH CO of Outreach (ma_outreach@nacurh.org)

                  Kris Yambao, MACURH AD of NRHH (ma_adnrhh@nacurh.org)

                  National Corporate Office for NRHH Affiliation (nco_nrhh@nacurh.org)

                  National Corporate Office for RHA Affiliation (nco_rha@nacurh.org)


You need to be affiliated by the start of business at the Regional Leadership Conference (November 10).

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