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September 30 to
October 2, 2022

Have questions about RLC? Email Mitchel Pomije, the RLC Chair, at




General Delegates as well as Moo Crew Members (RHA President, NRHH President, and NCC) and an Advisor. The delegate cap is limited to 6 delegates (hypothetically 3 Moo Crew members and 3 General delegates) and 1 advisor. If there is more space available, we will start allowing alternative delegates. This will be done on a first come first serve basis. Institutions will be notified at least two weeks before the conference of alternate delegate availability. 



Cost Before Housing $200 
Delegate Quad
(two beds in a room and two bodies per bed) $290 
Delegate Double
(two beds in a room and one body per bed) $380 
Advisor Double (
two beds in a room and one body per bed) $380 
Advisor Single (
one bed in a room and one body per bed) $560 

A late fee of $25 will be added if the Institutional Registration is not submitted by September 5th. 



For the Institutional Registration, please have either your NCC or Advisor fill out  this form. This will need to be done prior to having any individuals register for the conference. Each delegate attending the conference must register using the individual registration form or they will not be allowed to participate in conference spaces.


Registration:  September 5, 2022

Late Registration: September 9, 2022

Please contact the Registration Chair, Sierra Roiger, at  with any questions


A Letter from the Conference Chair

Hey MACURH (Hey What),

My name is Mitchel Pomije (he/him), and I am your Conference Chair for this conference. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for considering submitting an educational session. As we return to in-person conferences, I believe we have a great opportunity to see what great perspectives and knowledge this region has to offer. Below you will see the education session guide that our Cattle Wrangler, Sierra Roiger, has written for you to have all your resources in the same location. She will be the person of contact for all items related to education sessions.


With this in mind, I want to personally extend a challenge to all of you. Now that we are no longer confined to a Zoom screen, you have the freedom to explore beyond a power point. Although they are still allowed and encouraged, education sessions do not need to be a traditional presentation. You could have your “presentation” consist of you leading an activity, facilitating a discussion, or whatever else your brain can come up with. I look forward to the possibilities you will create.


With Molly Moo Love,


Mitchel Pomije (he/him)

MACURH RLC 2022 Conference Chair


Monday, August 8th: Educational Session Submission Form Opens

Monday, September 12th: Early Feedback form CLOSES

Any time before September 12th, one can submit a completed session for feedback from our educational session review team. By submitting your educational session by this deadline, you will earn your institution an additional 5 spirit points.

Thursday, September 16th: Educational Session Feedback Distributed

Email including feedbacl from the review te

Wednesday, September 21st: Completed Submissions are DUE!

Completed presentations will be submitted and attached to the Microsoft form. Make sure that share settings allow conference staff to view the document. 

If you are submitting a PDF, please upload it to your Google Drive and then include the proper Google share link.

If you have questions on how to do this, please reach out to the Technology Chair, Sierra Roiger at

Review Period:

Submitted sessions will be reviewed by our team and we will be choosing which presentations will be presented during the conference.

Monday, September 26th: Presentation Status and Time Slot Release

You will be notified if your presentation was selected via email

If your session is selected for the conference, you will be notified of your presentation date and time.

If your educational session was selected to be presented at conference, you will receive 10 spirit points for your institution.



Since RLC 2022 will be an in-person conference this year, there will be a lot of spirit related events and socials! Look at the SPIRIT GUIDE for more info.

Contact the Co-Spirit Chairs, Sammy Higgins at or Storm Novak at with any questions you may have.



Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Here are all the opportunities to recognize your institution's top farmers at conference!  There will be announced at closing ceremonies.

For any questions, contact Maddy at


PRESENTATIONS [coming soon]


BOARDROOM [More Info Soon]


All schedules, award bids, and legislation can be found on your boardroom review sheet. [coming soon]


We realize boardroom can be stressful, so we've included some activities here that you can do while still actively participating! These tools can be used to help you focus if you find your mind wandering.
That being said, we do encourage you to make sure that you are listening and participating. You are representing your institution, and it's important to show up to the best of your ability, whatever that looks like for you.


Check out the presentation to the left to get some tips on preparing for boardroom!

If you have any questions regarding the prep information, please contact Maddy at

If you have any questions regarding boardroom review sheets or legislation, please contact Carissa at

Image by Amy Reed