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Registration Closes: October 9th

Late Registration Closes: October 13th

Registration Payment and Alternate Clarifications

Registration and Alternate Clarifications

In the newsletter, you can find the full timeline for registration! However we wanted to emphasize that if you have registered alternates, you will be notified about how many alternates we can accept by October 16th. We plan to try to distribute the alternates we can accept as evenly between schools as possible. In other words, we will accept one alternate from each school who registered alternates, then move on to two if we still have space, etc. Additionally, after October 16th, we will not be able to accommodate any changes to your delegations. Please contact us if you have questions about this!


Payment Clarifications

In terms of payment, we wanted to clarify that there are two options:

  1. Submit your payment using a credit card when you complete the Institutional Registration Form

  2. Complete payment using a check

    1. If you choose this option, you can request an invoice for your payment by emailing our conference advisor, Jessica Watts, at


If you have registered alternates, you have three options to complete payment for your alternates:

  1. Pay by card for your initial registration, and then we will send you another link that will allow you to submit another card payment for your accepted alternates

  2. Request an invoice for your initial registration, and then we will send you a supplemental invoice for your accepted alternates

  3. Wait to do any payment until we confirm the number of alternates we will accept from your institution. Then, we can send you one invoice for your entire accepted delegation.

Registration Form Preview

Below is a list of the information you will need when filling out both the individual delegate registration as well as the institutional registration.

Delegate Registration

General Information

  • Delegate name

  • Preferred name

  • Gender of reference

  • Pronouns of reference

  • Would you like to opt into gender-inclusive housing?

  • Phone number

  • Personal address

  • Email

  • Institution name

  • T-shirt size

  • Type of delegate

  • Will you be attending the student affairs luncheon?

  • If an advisor, are you professional staff or grad student?

  • Dietary accommodations

  • ADA accommodations

Health Insurance Information

  • Do you have health insurance

  • If so, what company

  • Medical company contact phone number

  • Emergency contact name, relationship, phone number

Institutional Registration

General Information

  • Institution name

  • Total number of delegates, advisors in double rooms, advisors in single rooms

  • Total number of alternates

  • Are you planning to contribute to philanthropy

    • If yes, what are you planning to bring?

Contact Information

  • Advisor name, email, contact phone number

  • NCC name, email, phone number

Transportation Information

  • Method of transportation to Iowa

    • *Busses that exceed 7 in height will need to pay an extra $30

  • Date of arrival, time of arrival

  • Date of departure

  • Will any member of your delegation need ADA travel accommodations from the hotel to campus?

    • If yes, how many people will need these accommodations?​

  • Do you have any other special circumstances or needs we should be aware of to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Nate, the vice conference chair, at with any questions regarding registration!

Conference Waivers


All delegates are required to fill out conference waivers. You can access the conference waiver by clicking on this link.

There is also a waiver for those looking to opt in to gender-inclusive housing. That waiver can be found here.

The early departure waiver can be found here.

The waiver for those under the age of 18 for parents and guardians can be found here.