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MACURH Regional Business Conference 2019

Hosted by Pittsburg State University

February 7th-10th 2019

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About Pittsburg

Tucked away in the southeast corner of Kansas, Pittsburg is a small town of approximately 20,000 hard-working, enthusiastic people. Being a college town, Pittsburg has become accustomed to welcoming visitors. Pittsburg was settled by a small farmer in 1872. The first settler knew about the vast underlying beds of coal and saw a great future for the area as a mining town. In 1875, an agreement was reached that allowed for a railroad to be built through the township. The railroad and station were completed within a year and the town prospered. Pittsburg was finally incorporated in 1880 and has continued to thrive ever since. Pittsburg began as a place of opportunity and diversity and has developed to include a college that offers many people a solid educational foundation on which to build their future.

About our theme

The Regional Business Conference theme of “MACURH United Make Your Mark” is meant to encourage and invite cooperation between the diverse institutions that make up the great Midwest region. We all come from different places, have unique perspectives and opinions, and share a vision of what MACURH is supposed to be. The Regional Business Conference staff would like for each institution, each member to consider what makes them unique. Think about what MACURH could do with your unique strengths, abilities, and gifts. Beyond that, consider what you could do with your uniqueness to change the world. The “Make Your Mark” portion of our theme is all about you. You are special. There is something in this world that only you are going to be able to do. It is up to you to find that talent, ability, or strength and use it to make the world better. Of course, MACURH is focused on changing the Midwest, but the 2019 Regional Business Conference will help you realize that you are capable of so much more than that. You can change your institutions, your region, your nation, and quite possibly the world.

Overman Student Center

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Conference Staff Position

Dining Chair
Transportation and Security Co-Chair
Sponsorship and Finance Co-Chair
Branding, Technology, and Publicity Co-Chair
Philanthropy and Sustainability Chair
Housing Chair
Ceremonies Chair
Volunteer Chair