We're glad you are

thinking of joining us! 


  • For questions about affiliating, contact our Coordinating Officer for NCCs, Anna Herman, at ma_ncc@nacurh.org.

  • To begin the affiliation process, visit the NACURH website.

  • If you are a student wishing to start a RHA chapter at your school, contact our Coordinating Officer for NCCs, Anna Herman, at ma_ncc@nacurh.org.

  • If you are a professional staff member wishing to start a RHA chapter at your school, contact our Regional Advisor, Travis Schilla, at ma_advisor@nacurh.org.

  • If you are wishing to start a NRHH chapter at your school, contact our AD-NRHH, Jeziel De Jesus Vega, at ma_adnrhh@nacurh.org or our NRHH Advisor, Jameson Nogowski, at ma_nrhhadvisor@nacurh.org.


Testimonies from MACURH members!

"MACURH, to me, is a great way to go way outside of my comfort zone, and be able to interact with different people, getting some ideas for my organization or institution."

                         -Jeziel, UND NRHH Rep

"You can make a bigger impact than you think."

                -Tessa, St. Catherine                         University

"I have bettered myself as a leader because MACURH is constantly educating all of us on how to improve, grow, and constantly learn better leadership skills."

        -Vanessa, NCC Iowa State

"[MACURH] has allowed me to connect to other advisors from around the region which helps me share insight but as well, help me when I need advice, assistance, or materials to help better benefit my students or my growth in advising. "

          -Jay, UCM Advisor

"It is an amazing experience you won't forget or regret if you get through it!"


"I learned more about how to be open mided, approachable and different leadership methods that can help me in real life."

      -Zeina, NDSU Delegate