The Moo Crew

All institutions have what is known as a Moo Crew. The Moo Crew consists of the NCC, the RHA President, and the NRHH Representative.
Each member of the Moo Crew networks, votes on business, and gets the opportunity to participate in personal development. 
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National Communication Coordinators (NCC)

  • Act as primary representative from one's school in all business meetings and elections as well as service as the chair of their institutions delegation to each conference

  • Manage affiliation status of their institution 

  • Attend and participate in NCC Chats

  • Support fellow NCCs 

  • Coordinate bidding for regional and national awards unless other position is specified at their institution

  • Partake in a committee if interested

  • Transition new NCC into understanding roles and expectations

"When I started participating in MACURH, I thought it was going to be another obligation. Little did I know I’d be a part of a family! Even when we have to have business, we always look out for each other and make sure everyone is doing okay. I love MACURH and am proud to be a part of it!"
- Jenna Brehm, Kansas State University, NCC

For questions, message the CONCC at


RHA Presidents

  • Attend Presidents Chats

  • Support fellow presidents

  • Serve as a liaison between the individual's local RHA body and the other presidents

  • Submit OTMs as seen fit 

  • Boardroom preparation and voting as a representative of their institution's RHA

  • Partake in a committee if interested

  • Transition new Presidents into understanding regional roles and expectations

For questions, message the CORD at

MACURH allows me to interact with other Presidents. For me as a New President it was great to great other Presidents opinions from there school. I was able to get ideas to make our own experiences better.
- Chloe Langer, Kansas State University, RHA President

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NRHH Representatives

● Shall serve as the official liaison between the individual’s NRHH chapter, NRHH
Representatives, MACURH, and NACURH.
● Shall represent their respective institution’s NRHH chapter in all applicable regional business
● Shall be responsible for voting on regional NRHH business
● Shall provide training and resources to their in-training NRHH Representative by the end of
their term.
● Shall attend Regional NRHH Representative chats.


"NRHH Rep is more than just a title to me. It allows me to act as a bridge.  I can talk with other chapters and bring that different perspective and approach back to my campus. MACURH allows me to interact with other chapters of NRHH and see different ways to value recognition and service!"

          -Brendan, Missouri S&T NRHH Representative

For questions, message the CORS at


For questions, message the Regional Advisor at or the Regional NRHH Advisor at

"[MACURH] has allowed me to connect to other advisors from around the region which helps me share insight but as well, help me when I need advice, assistance, or materials to help better benefit my students or my growth in advising. "

          -Jay, University of Central Missouri Advisor