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Boardroom will take place in our Pappajohn Business Building. Joint boardroom will take place in the room W10 (pictured to the left). Split boardrooms will happen in W10, C107, and C125 (pictured below). Note, there are not a lot of outlets in the room, so please charge your device before hand!


We have confirmed our keynote speakers for Friday and Saturday night. On Friday, we will bringing in a TEDx speaker, Ask Beckham.

We feel that Ash’s emphasis on the idea that, “Hard is not relative. Hard is hard,” truly embodies our theme of “Taking the Road Less Traveled.” We will all face challenges in our life that require us to choose a difficult path in order to be successful. Ash will help to inspire and empower our delegates to take that path as the Keynote Speaker at our opening ceremonies on Friday night.

On Saturday, the Director of Residence Education at The University ofIowa, Greg Thompson, will speak to delegates about his experiences and how he has taken the road less traveled. Greg will also be sworn in as president of UMR-ACUHO on Saturday before speaking at our conference! 


Help collect items for our philanthropy! We will be creating toiletry kits for Veterans on Veterans Day! A list of acceptable items are listed below!

Hair Kit

Disposable Razors


Hair Combs

Shaving Cream

Toiletry Kit

Body Lotion

Body Wash


Hygiene Kit

Nail Clippers



Lip Balm

To sign up to donate, click here


Paperback Rhino:

We are bringing a local improv troupe to be one of the entertainment options on Friday night! Paperback Rhino has been an improv troupe in Iowa City since 2003. They love to interact with their audiences and often take ideas for their skits from the people around them. Come experience what local University of Iowa's students love to attend in their free time. This event is on Friday night at the Sheraton and will be a great way to end your night! 


Escape Room:

Get ready to test your problem solving skills in one of our escape rooms! These rooms will be set up in the Sheraton for you and your team to compete against other delegations to see which team can escape the room the fastest! The top three escape times will receive spirit points! We have been working hard on making sure that everyone who wants to will have multiple opportunities to try the escape rooms! Can’t wait to watch you all experience this awesome entertainment option!


Movie Night:

Take some time to chill, eat some popcorn, and watch Wonder Woman with some of your new friends. This is a great option if you want to see the movie for the first time and have already seen it several times. This movie showing is sponsored by Swank Motion Pictures.


Craft Room:

Come decorate some canvases with your friends from all over the Midwest! It does not matter if you paint all the time or if this is the first time you are picking up a brush.


Our spirit points are called “mile markers” to fit with our theme! So cool, right?! You can start earning mile markers right now by liking our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page!


Mile Marker Petrol Tank








17 Miles to Home

Keep an eye out on our social media to earn 10 mile markers for your college or university for being the first delegate to respond to our random questions about the conference! 17 Miles to Home starts 17 days before the conference, so keep an eye out starting on October 24th! On October 23rd, we will post the rules for the 17 Miles to Home!


Scavenger Hunt

This will be Friday night! Look around campus for half sheets of laminate green paper that is worth 5 mile markers!!

Display, Roll Call and Banner

Display: 2'x2' Dimensions

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Roll Call: YouTube link, PowerPoint Slide, or JPG

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Banner: PowerPoint Slide or JPG that fits on slide

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Banner-- Up to 10 mile markers

Roll Call-- Up to 40 mile markers

Display-- Up to 10 mile markers

Click here if you would like to view the grading rubrics for banner, roll call, and display!

Displays are due at the conference. Bring your display to check in at the Sheraton!

Roll Call and Banner should be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, October 27th.