Recognition & Service Engagement Committee - The Recognition & Service Engagement Committee works to provide and create new and creative ways for member institutions to implement recognition and service initiatives. They will also work to recognize active individuals within the region. Questions about this committee? Contact the RBD Liason at


Legislative & Development (L&D) Committee - The Legislation & Development Committee works to review, recommend, and write regional legislation. They will also work to help review award bids submitted by member institutions for regional conferences. This year, the committee will work with the ADAF to complete a full audit of the MACURH Policy Book to check for discrepancies within policy as well as formatting and grammatical errors. Questions about this committee? Contact the RBD Liaison at


Advocacy Committee - The Advocacy Committee works to establish a regional advocacy initiative and provide resources and opportunities for regional participation in advocacy efforts. The committee will work closely with the Regional Director to accomplish whatever goals the group sets for the year. Questions about this committee? Contact the RBD Liaison at

Of The Month (OTM) Committee  - The OTM Committee works to meet and review regional OTMs and assist with the OTM process. They will also work to develop initiatives to help grow monthly OTM submissions. Questions about this committee? Contact the RBD Liaison at


Advisor Involvement Task Force - This task force will look at advisor opportunities at conferences and throughout the year, and will recommend initiatives and incentives to increase advisor participation. Topic will include advisor socials at conferences, advisor chats, professional development opportunities, ART sessions, special chats, and round table discussions. Advisors and students are welcome to join!

Educational Session Standardized Rubric Task Force - This task force will work to advance and standardize regional practices regarding educational sessions. This will be accomplished by creating resources for educational session planning, creating a standardized grading rubric for regional educational session submissions, and evaluating the utility of passive educational sessions in the region.

MACURH On Campus Task Force - This task force will work to increase tangible benefits of affiliating with NACURH within MACURH beyond conferences through evaluation of services (i.e. Positional & Special Chats, MACURH Standards Program, RBD On Campus), resource creation (i.e. NCC-IT Powerpoints, training resources, MACURH crash-course presentations), and more! Focus areas will include engagement with member institutions, creating a stronger MACURH presence on campuses, and giving representatives the tools to educate others about MACURH and NACURH.

Philanthropy Task Force - This task force will work to evaluate the current Regional Philanthropy (Pencils of Promise) and its regional initiatives, create opportunities for engagement throughout the year, promote ways to publicize the Regional Philanthropy, and determine the future of philanthropy within MACURH. If you're passionate about service and the future of the region, this task force is for you!

Scholarships & Grants Task Force - This task force will work to develop new scholarships & grants for the members of MACURH utilizing the Scholarships & Grants Fund section in the MACURH Policy Book. They will also determine recipients of previously established scholarship opportunities such as the MACURH Programming Grant and the RLC Delegation Grant.

Welcoming & Hype Task Force - This task force will work on welcoming new members and revamping introductory resources for the newest and oldest members of our herd. These initiatives will include discussions about how to keep the region enthusiastic and provide a welcoming environment to anyone who joins MACURH and attends conferences. Initiatives will include social media posts, cheers, and chants.

Task Forces